Dr. Odey Raviv, Ph.D., began his career as a teacher of self-contained classes for children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.  Five years later, he was offered a Ph.D. fellowship at the University of Florida where he studied Special Education.  After returning to the NYC school system, he was in the core group that initiated the Resource Room Teaching Model, and he formulated therapeutic sports programs for mainstream and special education youngsters.  His work at the Long Island Jewish Hospital’s Learning Diagnostic Center and as an Assistant Professor at CUNY broadened his experience addressing older students with Learning Differences, ADHD, and Executive Functioning challenges.

For the last thirty years, Dr. Raviv has maintained a private practice as a learning specialist for students of all ages, though his current emphasis is as a Collegiate Academic Coach, working with teens transitioning to college, and those already in college.

Dr. Raviv fine tunes reading and writing skills while providing tools, strategies, and inspiration to assist students with coursework, whether long term assignments or tests.  He teaches them how to succeed and become self-starters as they achieve greater accountability with their time management and organization.

Dr. Raviv has offices in NYC and Long Island and works virtually with students nationwide via Skype and FaceTime.