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How to Help a Kid with Organization Issues (click here for full article)

The Hidden Truths About Learning Disabilities

Becoming an Advocate for Your Special Needs Child

Learning Disabilities and School

Keeping Up With Common Core

Shedding Light on Learning Differences and How You as a Parent Can Help Your Children

Empowering Students to Succeed Despite Learning Differences


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Podcast- An Overview of Learning Differences with Dr. Odey Raviv

Podcast – Motivating Unmotivated College Students on Mom Talk Radio


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He is able to address the following and offer comment on other stories you are working on:

  • Understanding Executive Functioning and its impact on college students
  • Motivating an unmotivated college student who learns differently
  • How special needs students can cultivate study skills for collegiate success
  • Easing the transition to college for a special needs student
  • Supporting  a special needs college freshman without being a helicopter parent
  • Helping students with special needs to achieve balance