How do you help a Twice Exceptional Child demonstrate their potential? Our society chooses to measure everything with testing, and the test determines our choices in life. But what if you are a poor test taker?  You might not have ever conquered the ability to take tests, and  your anxiety might also get in the way and prevent you from demonstrating your abilities.  Well, this is what happened to my daughter.  A straight “A”, high honor roll student who tested in the PSAT and SAT at the bottom 3rd percentile. She was never trained on how to take tests, even though she participated in testing since 2nd Grade. I always believed that she tested below her potential and school performance levels, but did not have a way to address it.  Traditional study techniques seemed to fail when it was time to perform on high stakes tests. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Dr. Odey Raviv when my child was in 10th grade.  With her agreement, we hired Odey to teach her strategies for test taking and techniques to use during tests to address her anxiety.  She was instantly comfortable with Odey, which was the first hurdle.  More importantly, she came away from her experience with the strategies and techniques she needed to take the ACTs and score well.  She still uses these techniques and strategies, in college at MIT. I highly recommend Odey for his ability to give my child what school could not.  Thank you
Paulette E. Palmer
December 10, 2016
I hired Dr. Raviv to work with my son who needed re-focusing to achieve his goals, both academically and in terms of his college’s Division 1 football program.  He was a freshman at a top school and fractured his ankle just prior to football season.  Due to surgery and months on crutches, he was not able to play football or pursue other activities he planned. His academics were suffering, and we thought assistance from an individual experienced in dealing with collegiate academic issues could make a difference. Dr. Raviv provided the extra jumpstart he needed, allowing him to thrive academically and as a starter on his league-championship team.  Now several years post graduation, he is well-employed and leads an enjoyable, productive life.  Dr. Raviv helped steer him toward that path.
David Abeshouse
January 18, 2017
Dr. Raviv is wonderful with our son. He's patient and wise and understands that some kids learn differently. Keeping in mind what works for specific students, given their unique challenges, he comes up with strategies they can put into action, whether as study guides, prepping for long term assignments, getting homework done in a timely, organized fashion, etc. He has a comfortable rapport with our son, and is great at keeping us in the loop with regard to their progress and any concerns. He truly cares, and he feels like a welcome family friend..
Robin Gorman Newman
January 24, 2017
My son has worked with Dr. Raviv for over 6 years, and I am so grateful for his services. Beginning in high school and throughout his challenging college experience, Dr. Raviv has remained patient, positive and kind regardless of how noncompliant my son can be. Dr. Raviv offered invaluable support when others gave up and always remained hopeful. Assisting with writing and study skills has led to lifelong support with organizational and executive functioning. Dr. Raviv helped my son thrive as a student and person who now has greater self-esteem.
Joanne K.
February 01, 2017
Dr. Raviv worked with my boys many years ago and we saw the results of his work. Patient, kind yet firm which kept them focused and engaged in the work. Highly recommended by our family.
Donna Marcus
February 23, 2017
We call Odey The "SAT Whisperer."   Our daughter Shoshana had severe test anxiety that dated back to elementary school.  Fast forward to high school, she literally walked out on the PSAT due to the anxiety.  It had become immobilizing.  Without the SAT or ACT her choices for college applications would have been limited, despite her excellent (honor society) grades, motivation and high intelligence.  Dr. Raviv worked with Shoshana for a year to prepare her for the standardized exams.  He is amazing.  Our daughter was not only able to take the SAT (and SAT IIs)  - she conquered her severe test anxiety across the board.  (Bonus!).    Exams are no longer a harrowing experience for her.  Stressful?  Yes, but not horrible.   She is entering her third year at the Film School at F.I.T., with straight A's.  Dr. Raviv played a prominent role in her success.
Rachel G.
September 14, 2017
When I reflect back on my college years, and speak with people about my experiences, I often credit a large part of the "lightbulb going on" to you and your ability to connect with me in regard to my study habits, best practices, and helping me understand how to utilize my strengths, while at the same time improving my weaknesses—or at the very least understanding them.
Scott D.
Business Media Consultant
September 14, 2017